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One Pendulum Healing session + One Spiritual Hypnosis session

  • 1 heure 30 minutes
  • 249 euros
  • Video call

Description du service

This is a 2 sessions healing (the price indicated stands for the 2 sessions altogether): --> Please book the date of our 1rst appointment (Pendulum Healing) (which lasts around 1h30, max 2h) and then we will decide together, during our first appointment, on which date scheduling the 2nd session (Spiritual Healing & Hypnosis). --->Please note that for the 2nd session (spiritual Hypnosis) it is absolutely required to NOT INGEST ANY BEVERAGES OR FOOD containing caffeine or theine (no mate or energy drinks either such as redbull) the day of our session + to NOT INGEST ANY KIND OF ALCOHOL the day of the session and the day before! Doing so will disrupt the effectiveness of the session. Thank you.