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Single session

  • 1 heure 30 minutes
  • 90 euros
  • Video call

Description du service

WHAT IS IT? - This is a pendulum distance healing done via video call. HOW? We will discuss together on the desired outcome + we can also focus on a specific issue. If any emotional healing would be needed at that moment we also include it in the session. WHICH RESULTS? About the following matters to support you in your life's journey:​ ​ - Clearing and healing your energy field (Highly sensitive empaths tend to pick up other people's energies and emotions which are really draining for them. Working on their chakras and energy field regularly is a must to minimize energetic imbalances) - Grounding (anchoring, rooting) yourself - Strengthening your solar plexus chakra - Raising awareness + Connecting to your own energy - Working on Emotional Imbalances  - Support in going through difficult life moments or life's transitions - Working on specific matters related to your high-sensitivity - Harmonizing with your high-sensitivity - Bringing you more peace within - Clearing and transmuting any energetical parasites and disruptive energies present in your energy field ----- POSSIBILITY TO DO SKYPE OR WHATSAPP CALLS INSTEAD OF ZOOM, Please advise me your preference when booking if different from zoom ----- ----- FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME IF YOU WOULD LIKE ANY MORE PRECISIONS OR INFORMATION ----- hello@theharmonizedempath.com