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HARMONIZE YOUR BODY ENERGY i is a 17mn healing meditative relaxation done with Pendulum Healing to clear, harmonize and rebalance the energy in your body (considering that you are an energy incarnated in a physical body) through a thorough chakra harmonization.


It will help you to:

  • Connect to your own energy, Bring your attention inside yourself (slowing down the mind's incessant though flow)
  • Increase your vibration level to feel better connected to the whole, and to get awareness about what is happening inside of yourself, at an energetic level.


Keeping a high vibration requires being very conscious about living your life and being in the present moment, or to avoid ruminating dark ideas, or not get caught into our emotions... We all go through NOT doing that on a regular basis, because we are human beings on a path of evolution, in a world dominated by emotional triggers and challenges.


So doing self-care with daily, weekly or monthly actions to keep your balance is good to support yourself in dealing with your everyday challenges to bring back a space of peace within (if we don't like doing meditation for example).  


As much as a physical activity or a hobby activity to bring happiness and balance in yourself, this specific HARMONIZE YOUR ENERGY audio can be part of your self-care energy routine which you can put into place to support yourself energetically. Listen to yourself and see how you feel inside. There is no rule because everybody is different, and we are always in movement and evolution.


You can do it:

  • Whenever you feel down, as a self-care routine as explained before or if you feel overwhelmed, off-balance, tired or even if you mind feels a little foggy.
  • Anytime during the day and at night time to relax yourself before sleeping, to help you fall asleep.


It is mainly focussed on the chakras and will adapt to whatever your body system needs at the moment you receive it.


For this healing, you don't need to pay that much attention to what I am saying. So if you don't get one or a few words, don't worry. I suggest you listen to what is happening inside yourself more than to the words I am saying and to let yourself drive by the music. So now I invite you to go to the next step to start this healing.




If you are new to these type of healing /harmonizations, please read the following instructions:


🎧⁣ ⁣It is important to use headphones for a complete experience.

Before each of the 5 healings/meditative relaxations, I said a prayer of introduction and conclusion (which is not heard on the recording itself so that the healing is not too long for you to listen too).


◽️For all healings I did a witness card to direct the healing and to adress it to "anybody listening to this recording" or to "listeners of this recording"


📢 During these healings most of the times, I am talking (saying what are called: commands), while spinning a pendulum, which is shown on the cover of this introduction. These pendulum healing commands are addressed to the source, the divine ... and all beings of light which support me during the healing and to who I addressed my prayers prior to the healing.  Each time I say a command, I spin the pendulum and wait until it stops: this is why there are more or less long gaps between most commands ( in case you would wonder...).


✨ Before starting, Find a quiet place where you won't be bothered, and lie down or sit down comfortably and be dedicated it during the time of the healing (although you can also try it in a public transportation (train, plane, bus, boat... still in lying or sitting down mode) . However, I would first experiment it in a quiet space.


✨ Then just listen to it, allowing the healing and relaxation to arrive to you!!


❗️Please do not listen when driving.


💧Remember to drink water after the session: it will support the integration of this energy work in your system.


20,00 €Prix
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