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CREATE A BUBBLE OF REGENERATION is a 28mn ACTIVE visualisation and healing done with Pendulum Healing to create a regenerative bubble of energy around yourself + with Chakra Balancing.


So for this one  I will invite you to pay attention to the words I will be saying.


It will renew and make circulate again, stagnating energies and emotions remaining in your field and recharge yourself, clear and transmute any foreign and annoying energies which are not supposed to be there.


After doing it once, since this is a time to enjoy a relaxing moment for yourself, you can do it again sometimes when you feel drained and need a regenerating session. Which can happen often during these chaotic times most of us are going through.


Also,if you identify yourself as a sentitive, being constantly tuned with all the information flying around yourself (and besides any physical reasons) you would find it very useful.


It can also support with adjusting to the season's transitions 🍂 which can be very tiring too.




If you are new to these type of healing /harmonizations, please read the following instructions:


🎧⁣ ⁣It is important to use headphones for a complete experience.

Before each of the 5 healings/meditative relaxations, I said a prayer of introduction and conclusion (which is not heard on the recording itself so that the healing is not too long for you to listen too).


◽️For all healings I did a witness card to direct the healing and to adress it to "anybody listening to this recording" or to "listeners of this recording"


📢 During these healings most of the times, I am talking (saying what are called: commands), while spinning a pendulum, which is shown on the cover of this introduction. These pendulum healing commands are addressed to the source, the divine ... and all beings of light which support me during the healing and to who I addressed my prayers prior to the healing.  Each time I say a command, I spin the pendulum and wait until it stops: this is why there are more or less long gaps between most commands ( in case you would wonder...).


✨ Before starting, Find a quiet place where you won't be bothered, and lie down or sit down comfortably and be dedicated it during the time of the healing (although you can also try it in a public transportation (train, plane, bus, boat... still in lying or sitting down mode) . However, I would first experiment it in a quiet space.


✨ Then just listen to it, allowing the healing and relaxation to arrive to you!!


❗️Please do not listen when driving.


💧Remember to drink water after the session: it will support the integration of this energy work in your system.


20,00 €Prix
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