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Discover and experiment
Pendulum recorded healings
non customized

(In English)

Discover and experiment Recorded Pendulum Healings.

The ones shown below as examples are not customized. However, "something" is still occurring in you, if your body systems need it when listening to them.

(in English and soon available in French)

If you are pretty sensitive you might be surprised by the sensations raising little by little while listening to it…

◽So you don t need to watch it 👁️, you just listen 👂 to it. And see if you feel anything happening in you. During and after it...⁣


So how does it work? ⁣ ⁣


◽During this healing, I am talking (saying what is called: commands), while spinning the pendulum, which appears in the video. 

⁣◽Each time I say a command, I spin the pendulum and wait until it stops: this is why there are more or less long gaps between all commands ( in case you would wonder...). ⁣

◽Before starting, find a quiet place where you won't be bothered, and lie down comfortably. ◽Then just listen to it, allowing the healing and relaxation to arrive at you!!

For more English speaking videos,

Please check my you-tube channel

The Harmonized Empath,here

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