Energy Harmonization
by Ludivine Huteau

Helping people to (re)connect with

their essence and harmonize the flow

of energy within them, for a more

conscious, meaningful and

harmonious creative journey and life.  


"(...) After the session, I was still away for at least 20mn, somewhere at the end of a rainbow. Being a highly sensitive man, dealing with all what it implies, Ludivine's healings help to harmonise my inside world with the outside one." -- Jacek S., France

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Hi, I am Ludivine 

My life revolves around a constant desire for balance, harmony, creativity, and simplicity.

Going back to the essence of all things, and respecting and caring the best I can about our Earth and the living.   

I worked for 20 years as a designer and as a jewelry artist.  Being also attracted to spirituality and well-being, I was simultaneously training myself along the way, in energetical therapies: shiatsu, reiki, dien chan, code micro cosmos-Kaoru Watanabe , access bars, spiritual hypnosis, animal connection, and

Pendulum healing.  

Being highly sensitive, I always had a connection with subtle dimensions by being visited at night time by disincarnated beings... Not understanding what was happening to me, I ignored it and shut down this sensibility that I couldn't understand and which was too overwhelming for me, besides having also the ability to sense, perceive and "see through" people behind all appearances. 

I even developed a rare disease affecting my eyesight and hearing capacities which, I understood, later on, was an unconscious way to cut myself from all I could perceive in others or places and spaces.

Simultaneously, I was having physical ailments and pains which I couldn't find explanations or solutions for. But, following years of exploration, I realised that most of it would happen because my physical body was behaving like a barometer and as a protector from all what it was feeling. All of which my "mind" was translating and communicating to me as disruptive or negative. My body was basically "talking to me" about what it perceives concerning living beings, places, situations etc. And that I shouldn't take it as a burden. But as a beautiful possibility to help others when sensing any energetical blocks or informations attached to them, in order to make energy circulate again and bring back harmony within them.

And if you would like to know more about : 

My Background, Creating and Healing and my Purpose


“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” 
― Pierre Teilhard de Chardin ---


Mes services

Check my offers and services below to find out how we can work together.

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  • Would you like to enjoy a moment of deep relaxation and energy healing in

the comfort of your home?

  • To amplify your consciousness about your energy self and increase your frequency level?

  • To appease any emotional swirl to express your creativity with more serenity?

  • And to get a guidance about a present problematic, struggle or blockage?


"This harmonization session will help you release energy blockages, will help

appease any emotional rollercoaters to foster better centering, creativity

and balance within."

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  • Découvrez vos animaux et leur monde au travers de leur regard et comment ils vous perçoivent.

  • Créez une opportunité de mieux les comprendre pour évoluer et grandir ensemble à partir d'une autre perspective: la leur. 

  • Trouver des explications à leurs comportements et envisager des solutions à tout problème comportemental

" Appréhender comment les animaux se et nous voient, et perçoivent leur environnement peut nous offrir un plus grand sentiment d'unité avec le vivant, avec la terre et, croyez-le ou non : avec les autres êtres humains."

Mes services ne sont pas destinés à diagnostiquer, traiter, prévenir ou guérir une maladie.

Ils ne visent pas à remplacer les conseils, le traitement ou le diagnostic d'un professionnel agréé qualifié.

" Ludivine sent me a personalized pendulum healing meditation and what a gift ✨🙏✨.
It has become part of my nighttime routine. What a special person !! I’m so grateful.
Thank you 😍". 
Jodi F., USA
I experienced several direct healings and recorded ones such as chakra cleansing, harmonising or grounding ones. Each time I noticed energetical, mental and physical well-being. My mental activity was relaxed, slowed down, and automatically visualising the words Ludivine was saying during the healing. It felt to me like I was installed into a deep meditative state without doing any efforts. I could constantly feel energy circulating in my body, different variations of pressure in the back of my head, maybe my pineal gland??, combined with intense visions of all shapes and colors, full of light. After the session, I was still away for at least 20mn, somewhere at the end of a rainbow (…) Being a highly sensitive man, dealing with all what it implies, Ludivine's healings help to harmonise my inside world with the outside one."


Jacek S., France

I kept seeing triangles pointed in different directions. Usually pointing down and sometimes they turned. I did see a lot of green energy but closer to the end I saw brighter colors that expanded and then disappeared. I get warm when energy is moving and I definitely felt that. After the recording was over I looked up the symbol for the heart chakra and there are lots of triangles in the symbol depending on what image you find. I’m sure that is what I was seeing. I found the music and your voice very



K Sparks, USA 


(translation) I felt a definite improvement in my blood circulation, and my migraine was gone.very satisfied with my session. Eugenie

Eugénie H., France


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